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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Plumbing Contractor

While it can be tempting to select the first plumber you find online when you need plumbing maintenance or repairs, you’ll want to do a little more research to ensure they’re qualified. Hiring an unqualified plumbing contractor increases the risk that you’ll end up with a botched job. If that happens, you’ll have to hire someone to fix the damage and the problem, meaning you’ll have to pay even more for a job that should have already been completed. 

Fortunately, when you know what to look for, finding exceptional plumbing contractors in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova becomes a lot easier. As you search for the right plumber, make sure they have the five following qualifications.

1. Licensed and Insured

A trained, professional plumbing contractor won’t hesitate to pull out their license and insurance card. It doesn’t matter what state you live in—a certified plumbing contractor must undergo extensive training and pass an exam before being granted a license. 

Now, it’s true that your local handyman may know a thing or two about fixing a pipe or unclogging a drain, so why not hire them? Because without the proper training, there’s no guarantee that they will be able to complete the job correctly. Instead, turn to a licensed professional who knows the codes and regulations they must follow in the state. 

Alongside ensuring the plumber is licensed, you’ll want to check that they’re insured. Insurance doesn’t just protect the contractor but you as well. If the plumber you hire likes living on the edge and scoffs at carrying insurance, you’ll be on the hook for any damage they cause. Don’t take any chances. Ask for proof of insurance. 

2. Background Checks

Regardless of whether you need residential or commercial plumbing services, you don’t want just anyone in your space. Home and the workplace are two places you should always feel safe. Don’t put your security at risk by hiring a plumbing company that doesn’t perform background checks on its employees.

The last thing you want is someone with a criminal record moving freely through your home or place of work. Be sure to ask about the hiring standards and whether criminal background checks are performed on new plumbers. If the answer is no, look for plumbing companies in Sacramento that perform a background check on all their employees.

3. References

A happy customer is the best advertisement for plumbing contractors. If they’ve completed jobs, the contractor should have a list of satisfied customers you can contact. When the company is unwilling to provide references, take that as a sign they’re not confident in their work’s quality and move on. A reputable plumbing contractor in Sacramento should be delighted to have others shout their praises and bring them more clients. 

4. Online Reviews

While you’re searching for plumbing companies, take the time to check their online reviews. Though references are great, online reviews can help ensure a plumber isn’t just giving you the names of a few friends. When you want to take a look at unbiased reviews, visit sites like Google or Yelp. If the reviews are great and the references are as well, you can likely trust the plumber to perform any plumbing maintenance, repair, or replacement services quickly and effectively.

5. Work Warranty

Before settling on a plumber who checks all the above boxes, ask whether they offer a warranty on their work. If so, you can rest easy knowing they stand behind the job. For example, if something goes wrong not long after they perform the work, they’ll be back to fix the problem without overcharging you. By checking that plumbers offer work warranties, you can make sure you don’t have to pay again if the work isn’t completed properly.

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