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If your kitchen or bathroom sinks are leaking, you’ll want to be aware of the main causes so you can know what to do to solve them. Since a leaky kitchen sink will waste water and can end up causing water damage to your home, it’s important to take action fast before a leak spirals out of control. By knowing the five most causes of leaky sinks and what to do about them, you’ll be better prepared to handle a leak the moment it occurs. 

1. Worn-Out Faucet Gaskets or Washers

If you notice water pooling on your sink or under it, your faucet may be the source of your leak. Typically, a failed washer or faucet gasket is responsible for a faucet leak, as these components will wear down over time and let water escape. For example, a worn-down washer will often cause water to leak out from your faucet’s spout. To fix a leaking faucet, you can usually have a trained plumber switch out the worn-out parts with new ones.

2. Damaged O-Ring

Another common source of a leaky kitchen sink is a damaged O-Ring. This O-Ring is a small disc that attaches to a stem screw responsible for keeping your faucet handle in the correct position. Over time, heavy usage or aging can loosen or damage the O-ring, causing water to leak near your faucet’s handle. While replacing the O-ring can usually fix the leak, it’s best practice to have a plumber replace it for you so they can check for other potential problems.

3. Clogged or Broken P-Traps

Typically, your sink’s P-trap is a curved portion of a pipe located under your kitchen or bathroom sink. Due to its curved nature, this pipe helps stop bad smells from coming out of your drain, making it an essential part of any sink’s plumbing system. Sometimes, pieces of food or other clog-causing materials can get stuck in the P-trap and prevent water from draining down your pipe, resulting in a leak. A plumber can unclog a P-trap for you to get your sink working at its best again. 

However, a leak can also occur if rust has corroded your pipe or it’s been damaged in some other way. In this case, a plumber will probably need to replace the P-trap. 

4. Corroded Valve Seat

Your sink’s valve seat is another key component that can be prone to corrosion and cause a leaky bathroom sink. Since a sink’s valve seat connects your spout to the tap, water will often collect around it, leading to corrosion and leaks. Like the need to replace a rusted P-trap, a plumber will have to replace a corroded valve seat to solve the leak.

5. Loose Water Supply Connections

When you notice water leaking under your sink, it may be an issue with one of your sink’s water supply lines. Since these lines provide water to your sink, a loose connection can cause a lot of water to leak out of them, making it essential to take action fast. Generally, loose water supply connections are caused by corrosion or a failed gasket. A plumber can usually solve a loose or damaged water supply connection by replacing the gasket or tightening the connection.

Choose Boyd Plumbing for Leak Sink Repair in Sacramento

If you’re looking for a plumber near you in the greater Sacramento area, Boyd Plumbing can help. When you contact us for a leak sink repair, our team will perform a comprehensive inspection of your sink to find the leak’s source. Next, we’ll receive your approval before we provide any leaky sink repair or replacement services. Finally, we’ll review our work to ensure it's effective before leaving. Alongside our leak repair services, we also provide several coupons to give all our clients the best deal possible.

Learn more about our plumbing repair services today. If you’re interested in receiving our kitchen and bathroom sink repair services, please call us at (916) 710-8070 or schedule an appointment online.

If you live in Sacramento or the surrounding areas and are looking for free plumbing inspections near you, Boyd Plumbing and Drain can help. We’re proud to offer plumbing inspections to businesses and homeowners throughout Sacramento. Even better, our plumbing inspections are free, ensuring our community can stay on top of their plumbing systems’ health and avoid any unexpected issues. 

What Is a Plumbing Inspection?

As you might expect, a plumbing inspection involves a full check of your plumbing system to see if everything’s working as intended. While a trained plumber performs a plumbing inspection, they’ll usually examine the following components of your plumbing system:

Why Get a Plumbing Inspection?

A plumbing inspection is necessary for homeowners and home buyers. When you own a home, your plumbing system needs to stay in good shape. Without regular plumbing inspections, your drains could be clogged, your pipes might have sprung a leak, or your water heater might be rusting internally. If these issues go unchecked, they could waste water, force your system to stop working, and even cause severe water damage. Fortunately, regular plumbing inspections protect your plumbing system and your wallet by ensuring everything is working properly.

While plumbing inspections can save homeowners from paying for expensive repairs, they’re also crucial for home buyers. Before you buy a home, it’s critical you have a plumber perform a full inspection to verify you’re not buying a home with corroded pipes or other costly problems. A plumbing inspection can help you know you’re buying a home with a high-quality plumbing system, potentially saving you lots of money in repair or replacement costs after you purchase a home. 

How Often Should I Get a Plumbing Inspection?

Typically, you should receive at least one plumbing inspection a year to check for any issues. By receiving an annual inspection, you can stay ahead of any upcoming problems and take action on small issues before they turn into large ones. 

What Does a Free Plumbing Inspection from Boyd Cover?

Since plumbing inspections are vital for the condition of your plumbing system, Boyd regularly provides them to businesses and homeowners in Sacramento. When you sign up for a free plumbing inspection, our team will:

During our free plumbing inspection, we won’t take anything apart to ensure you have peace of mind and know that any unnecessary damage to your plumbing system won’t occur. Alongside taking a careful approach to our inspection, our trained plumbers will arrive at your home with a van fully stocked with parts and tools. As a result, if they find anything in need of repair during the inspection, they can usually fix it on the same day. 

By offering same-day repairs, our team can help you save time and money by not having to find another company to hire or schedule multiple visits. With our wide variety of plumbing services, you can trust us to solve any problem our inspection reveals. 

Choose Boyd Plumbing and Drain for Free Plumbing Inspections in Sacramento

When you’re looking for plumbing inspections near you in Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, or the surrounding areas, Boyd has you covered. In addition to our plumbing inspections, our plumbing repair services include water line replacementsewer drain cleaningtoilet repair and replacementgarbage disposal maintenancebackflow prevention, and water heater repair and replacement services. We also offer various coupons to ensure all our clients receive exceptional service at an exceptional price.

Learn more about our free plumbing inspections today. If you’d like to schedule a free inspection or any of our other plumbing services, please call us at 916-710-8070 or schedule here online. 

If you have stubborn clogs in your drains or want to keep your sewer lines in excellent shape, you should know about hydro-jetting. As a premier service for drain cleaning and clog removal, most homeowners will likely need this service at some point. Before you sign up for your hydro-jetting services, learn more about what it is and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about it. 

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Sometimes called water-jetting, hydro-jetting is a plumbing service that employs highly pressured jets of water to clear out debris, blockages, roots, or anything else that could be blocking your plumbing lines. The primary tool used in this service is a hydro jet, which features a motor to pressurize the water, a nozzle, a tank of water, and a hose. You can think of the device as a power washer designed to clean the interior of drains and pipes. 

During hydro-jetting, a trained plumber will insert the hydro jet into a sewer line’s cleanout, which is an opening into the line. Next, the plumber will spray a highly-pressurized stream of water into your line. As the water stream shoots through the sewage line, it will clear any clogs or debris in the line’s drainage path. Once the service is completed, the line should be completely clear of any obstructions that could prevent proper drainage. 

What Is Hydro-Jetting Used For?

Due to its ability to clear lines, hydro-jetting is regularly used to clean out homeowners’ sewage lines. If you have a clogged drain, hydro-jetting is a perfect solution to clear it out. Besides standard clogs, hydro-jetting can also take care of root growth in your drains. 

You can also use hydro-jetting as a preventative measure to remove smaller obstructions before they turn into full-blown clogs. Preventative hydro-jetting services can also save you money over time, as they’ll keep your pipes in better shape and more efficient, reducing your water bills and the risk of needing an expensive pipe repair.

How Much Pressure Is Used for Hydro-Jetting?

While hydro-jetting water pressure can vary, most residential hydro-jets use about 4000 pounds per square inch of pressure to clean out clogs. However, if a hydro-jet is used for a more difficult commercial job, the pressure may be higher. 

Is Hydro-Jetting Better Than Snake Drain Cleaning?

One common alternative drain cleaning method is to use a “snake,” which is a long cable featuring small blades. A plumber will insert this snake into your drains to clean out clogs. As you might expect, using a snake for drain cleaning will take longer. It will also only clean one line at a time, while hydro-jetting can clean out all your drains at once. Due to the increased efficiency of hydro-jetting, it’s typically the better option. 

Can Hydro-Jetting Damage Your Pipes?

Normally, hydro-jetting will not damage your drains if a trained professional operates the hydro-jet, as they’ll know how to operate it safely. Most homes also use plastic pipes that are strong enough to withstand hydro-jetting. However, cast iron pipes that are usually found in older homes could be damaged if the pipes are already corroded.

Since corroded pipes could be damaged by hydro-jets, any good plumber will inspect your pipes beforehand to ensure they’re not at risk of damage. Additionally, when they do find that your old cast iron pipes are corroding, it might be time for trenchless sewer repair services to prevent future damage to your pipes and sewage system.

Can Homeowners Use a Hydro-Jet On Their Own?

Since hydro-jetting is so effective at removing clogs, you might be tempted to use a hydro-jet on your own. However, even if you can find a store to sell you one, you shouldn’t try to use one without the proper training. Misuse of a hydro-jet can end up causing injuries and could significantly harm your plumbing system. As a result, you’ll want to hire an expert plumber to perform any hydro–jetting services.

Choose Boyd Plumbing and Drain for Hydro-Jetting Services in Greater Sacramento

If you’re looking for drain cleaning near you in Rancho Cordova or the greater Sacramento area, Boyd’s hydro-jetting services have you covered. Our expert plumbers regularly use hydro-jets to clean out our clients’ drains and remove even the most stubborn clogs. When a drain cleaning can’t wait, we also offer 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services. Alongside our hydro-jetting and drain-cleaning services, we provide trenchless sewer repair and replacement services when your pipes are past the point of repair. 

Learn more about our hydro-jetting services and coupons today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please call us at 916-710-8070 or make an appointment here online. 

When winter strikes, your home’s plumbing system has to deal with colder water that can harm your pipes, raise the risk of clogs, and reduce your water heater’s efficiency. While colder water might not sound all that dangerous for a plumbing system, it can worsen existing issues and even cause burst pipes. As you prepare your home for colder temperatures, consider hiring a plumber to perform the top five most important plumbing services that almost any home needs before winter.

1. Pipe Insulation

When it’s cold outside, the water inside your pipes can freeze and start to expand if your pipes aren’t properly insulated. As water freezes in your pipes, it can put too much pressure on your pipes and cause them to burst. Once your pipe bursts, water will flow freely into your home. Since free-flowing water from your pipes can cause structural damage and make for an expensive clean-up, it’s essential you invest in pipe insulation if you don’t already have it.

To receive pipe insulation, you can have a plumber inspect your system and find pipes needing insulation. After they locate the pipes without insulation, they’ll add the necessary insulation to keep your pipes from freezing. If you don’t already have any insulation, you’ll want the plumber to focus on pipes most prone to freezing, such as those in your attic or underground.

2. Water Heater Flush

During the winter, the water flowing into your home will be colder. As a result, your water heater will have to work harder to heat the water you need. If your water heater hasn’t been flushed recently, you’ll likely have sediment buildup on the bottom of your tank, with this buildup blocking the heating element. Without a water heater flush, this sediment buildup can slow heat transfer, reduce your tank’s energy efficiency, and even contaminate your water.

Typically, water heaters need to be flushed at least once a year, meaning you’ll want to hire a certified plumber to flush the tank if it’s been close to or over a year since your last water heater flush. After you hire a plumber, they’ll perform the water heater flush and remove any sediment in the tank. This service will ensure your water heater can perform at its best during the winter and prevent any damage due to too much sediment buildup.

3.  Pipe Leak Repair

Another way you can protect your plumbing system this winter is to make sure any leaks are repaired. Since leaking pipes can indicate your pipes are already in poor condition, they may not be able to handle water that constantly freezes and thaws inside them. 

Even if the pipes don’t burst, the winter can put greater stress on them, causing more leaks and worsening existing ones. If you want to avoid water damage and an expensive repair or full pipe replacement, contact a plumber to perform leak detection on your system and repair any leaks they find before the winter’s coldest months begin.

4. Drain Inspection and Cleaning

Your drains are more likely to clog during the winter due to the colder temperatures and the higher chances of frozen water. While waste like food, shampoo, and hair will usually flow through your drains, cold weather can cause waste and grease to freeze in your pipes. This frozen waste can cause a clog that backs up your pipes, creating unpleasant odors, damage to your system, and inefficient waste removal. 

If you want to protect your pipes and prevent clogs, you’ll want to hire a plumber to inspect your drains and remove any potential blockages. By removing any waste or grease buildup in your pipes, you’ll protect your pipes during the winter and lower the chances you experience any clogs.

5. Full Plumbing System Inspection and Maintenance

A full plumbing inspection from a trained plumber can be an excellent investment to make before the winter. With a full inspection from a plumber, your home is less likely to run into unexpected issues when you need your plumbing system working at its best. A certified plumber should be able to find any potential issues and perform preventative maintenance. During their inspection, they can also give you tips on home maintenance you can perform to winterize your plumbing system.

Choose Boyd Plumbing for Plumbing Services in Rancho Cordova, California

If you’re looking for a plumber near you in Rancho Cordova or the surrounding areas, turn to Boyd Plumbing. At Boyd Plumbing, we offer several plumbing services to ensure your home is ready for whatever the winter throws at it. Our plumbing services include leak detection and repair, pipe insulation, drain cleaning, and full plumbing inspections. Alongside our standard plumbing services, you can hire our 24/7 emergency plumbers to take care of any issues that can’t wait. You can also review our coupons to get the best deal possible on our plumbing services.

Learn more about our plumbing services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please call us at 916-710-8070 or contact us here online.

Should I Get My Toilet Repaired or Replaced?

It’s never fun when something goes wrong with your toilet, but you can save time (and potentially even money!) when you know how to properly handle the issue. For example, you wouldn’t want to replace your toilet if you’re only dealing with a minor clog, but you might if the base has developed a large crack. Our Sacramento-area plumbers offer a look at the most common toilet issues you usually need to repair and some key signs you need a toilet replacement.

Common Toilet Issues That Usually Only Need Repairs

Before you decide to replace your toilet, it’s a good idea to know what issues can typically be repaired without needing a toilet replacement. Typically, toilet repair services can handle the following issues:

4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Toilet Instead of Repairing It

While you won’t want to immediately replace your toilet after something goes wrong, there are a few common signs that you probably need a professional inspection and new toilet installation. By knowing these signs, you can avoid pouring lots of money into repairing a toilet that will break down again sometime soon. Find out more about the four main signs you need toilet replacement services below:

Choose Boyd Plumbing for Toilet Repair and Replacement Services in Sacramento

If you live in Sacramento and your toilet needs repair or replacement, turn to Boyd Plumbing, a Bonney company. Our plumbers can provide toilet repair services, such as fixing any leaks or clogs you’re experiencing. Alongside performing repairs, our team offers toilet replacement services to ensure all your needs are covered. Once you agree to a replacement, our plumbers will install a new high-efficiency toilet from a trusted brand to help you conserve water and save money on your utility bills. 

Learn more about our toilet repair and replacement services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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It is a cold, winter day, and you rush into the house to take off your snow-covered boots. You immediately feel the chill in the air as you walk across your family room. The heater is on, but it does not seem to be heating up the room like it usually does. You think that maybe there is something wrong with this winter wonderland of a season when you see water dripping from under the bathroom door. It looks like your water heater has sprung a leak or worse it has broken down!

Such situations actually occur! A water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. It heats up water for showers, dishwashing, laundry and more. In order to get the hot water that you need when you want it, a well-maintained water heater is essential. In case of any inconvenience, get help from a water heater repair in Sacramento, CA.

Why are water heater repair services important?

Water heaters provide hot and cold running water to homes around the country. It is an essential part of everyday life, so when they break down it can be a major inconvenience for homeowners who need them fixed as soon as possible. Water is necessary to survive, and you need it for drinking, cooking, bathing and other things. Water heaters can cause serious issues if they malfunction or break down — unless you get them repaired in a timely manner.

How to know if you need water heater repair services?

If you have hot water all day, but it is not staying warm, this might be the result of a faulty thermostat. Alternatively, if your home never seems to stay comfortably heated or cooled without constant intervention on your part then these temperature control issues can often be traced back to improper installation and/or lack of maintenance for air ducts in old buildings with poor insulation — call a service for water heater repair in Sacramento, CA today!

Tips on how to prevent a broken or malfunctioning water heater in the future

Some easy maintenance tasks that can help your water heater work more efficiently and avoid the need for repair in the future are cleaning it every few months, keeping an eye on its temperature to make sure you do not have a cold or frozen tap near it at all times. If possible, try to install one with two gas burners, so there is always some backup heating power when needed!

Water heater services also provide warranty and insurances, if possible

This is why you should always hire a professional to install your water heater. They will not only do the job right, but they also provide warranties and insurance for their work which means that if anything goes wrong with it down the line then they are responsible for fixing or replacing it without any cost on your end!

This ensures peace of mind when the professionals are installing these units because there is nothing worse than thinking about owning an unsafe appliance in one of your homes. You never know what might happen so try booking them now before someone else does.

Final Take

At the end of the day, you want to make sure your water heater is up and running in case there is a burst pipe or another emergency. You can count on a professional for any service needs from installation to maintenance — they are available 24/7! Contact them today for all your heating repair services.

For utmost comfort and convenience, installing a water heater has become a necessity in most residences. People are relying on these water heaters for conducting basic activities starting from cooking to bathing. Insufficient hot water can cause a lot of inconvenience to the entire family. People realize the importance of water heaters during the winter season. So, a heater of poor quality doesn’t only cause difficulty in completing these basic tasks but also raises the electricity expenses. During those times, when the water heater stops working, it’s time to call a professional like water heater repair Sacramento to ensure the heater functions smoothly again. These professionals can offer a lot of advantages in the long haul. Let’s take a look at the ways how a professional water heater repair experts can benefit an individual,  

1. They Elevate the Safety factor

Since, water heaters use gas, water, and electricity, it can be deadly if this is handled by a random person. Typically, a water heater operates off a 240-volt power. This can deliver a deadly shock if one doesn’t have prior experience in handling them. People can’t protect the entire home from potential damages without having sufficient experience. On the other hand, a professional water heater repair Sacramento uses the right product and expertise to fix these issues safely. This saves people from potential damages.

2. They Dig Deeper to Find Out the Root Cause

People may suspect damage in their water heater when it starts making strange sounds, or the water doesn’t heat up at all. There might be a lot of underlying causes behind a simple issue. An individual without prior experience may fix the issue from the surface after watching thousands of DIY water heater repair tutorials. But, this problem may arise again within a few days as the root cause isn’t fixed yet. The professional plumber always digs deeper and repair the root cause of these problems. So, it makes one’s life easier and saves people from bearing any future expenses.  

3. They Can Offer Better Suggestions

Professionals who have years of experience in repairing water heaters can always suggest the best ways to improve the life span of this electrical appliance. Sometimes, the water heater may require maintenance operations. Proper maintenance allows these heaters to work more efficiently. Plus, it lowers the electricity bills by performing optimally. Regular maintenance also lowers the chances of expensive repairs in the long haul. Professionals can tune up the regular maintenance of these water heaters if they suspect any major issues with them. This will save one from any unfavorable incidents in the long run.

4. They Will Take Less Time

Repairing the water heater is time-consuming. Especially, if the person doesn’t have any prior experience, it will require more time than expected. Besides, improper repairs impose safety concerns as well. So, it’s better to leave the task to professionals and enjoy the benefits of their services.


Plumbing issues are common in every home. Though you can handle some of these issues on your own, you need the help of a plumber to deal with complex problems. There are a few factors you should consider when looking for a plumber in Sacramento. Look for a plumber who possesses a professional certification. Give precedence to a plumber who has been in the business for a couple of years. Such a professional has ample skills to resolve different types of plumbing problems.

Don’t allow a plumber to give you a quote over the phone without looking at the problem. When he offers you a quote, ask whether this is an hourly rate or flat rate. Ensure that you know what you agree to before hiring a lawyer.


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