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If the water pressure suddenly drops in your home, you notice brown-colored water coming out of your faucets, or your water bills have spiked unexpectedly—you could have an issue with your water lines. Fortunately, water line replacement services can solve these problems and restore your comfort. As you try to keep your home’s plumbing system in the best shape possible, learn more about water line replacement services and the main signs you need them.

What Are Water Line Replacement Services?

As the name suggests, water line replacement services refer to a plumbing service where a plumber will replace your old water pipes with new ones. Typically, you’ll need replacement services when your water line is past the point of repair. However, you might also want to replace your water lines when you’ve previously repaired them. In this case, a replacement can be more cost-effective in the long run. 

Before replacing your water lines, a plumber will need to inspect them for leaks by completing a pressure test on the home. After they determine that you need a water line replacement, they’ll complete a line replacement service. By replacing your water lines, you can often solve common issues like water leaks and pipe decay.

5 Signs You Need Water Line Replacement Services

When your water lines are leaking or blocked, it can cause several issues in your home. From puddles in your yard and drops in water pressure to higher water bills and damage to your foundation, a damaged water line can significantly impact your quality of life. Since taking care of a damaged water line early can help you reduce the negative effects, learn more about the five main signs you need water line replacement services below:

1. Sudden Drops in Water Pressure

A clogged or cracked water line can cause your water pressure to drop while you shower or use a sink. Normally, your water pressure should stay at consistent levels, so a sudden drop in water pressure throughout your home often means you need a water line repair or replacement service.

2. Puddles in Your Yard

Notice soggy patches in your lawn even when you haven’t had any rain recently? Your water line could be leaking and dumping water into your yard. A plumbing inspection can help you determine if your water line is at fault and take action fast to solve the issue. 

3. Unexpectedly High Water Bills

Unexpected spikes in your water bills could be due to leaks in your plumbing system. Since a leaking pipe will constantly allow water to escape without you using it, it can be the source of high water bills. Regardless of whether a pipe leak is causing the bills to rise, it’s important to have your plumbing system inspected to find the source of the problem and keep your bills under control. 

4. Foundation and Water Damage

When you have a pipe leak near your foundation, the constant moisture will absorb into the concrete and eventually cause your foundation to crack. Even if your water line isn’t leaking near your foundation, a leak can cause water damage and mold growth throughout your home. If you notice a crack in your foundation or signs of water damage, you’ll need to immediately call a plumber to inspect your lines.

5. Discolored Water 

Another common sign that you could need a water line replacement is if your water looks brownish or yellow. Sometimes, discolored water can be due to a water heater issue, but it can also be a sign that you have a broken water line that’s allowing rust, dirt, and sediment to enter your lines. 

Choose Boyd Plumbing for Water Line Replacement Service in Rancho Cordova

If you’re looking for water line services near you in Rancho Cordova, CA, or the surrounding areas, turn to Boyd Plumbing. After you schedule an appointment, our plumbing team can look for signs of water line damage to find the exact location and cause of the issue. Next, they’ll replace your water lines and get them working at their best again. We also offer various coupons that you can use to lower the cost of service.

Learn more about our water line replacement services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please call us at 916.710.8070 or contact us online.

While water heaters often provide a steady stream of hot water to homeowners, they can run into issues like any other home appliance. As water heaters age, their anode rod can degrade, sediment can form in the tank, and leaks can happen, resulting in multiple problems. To keep your water heater in the best shape possible and avoid letting a minor issue turn into a major one, review the top six signs your water heater needs a repair or replacement service.

1. Discolored Water

One of the surest signs that you need water heater service is discolored water. When the hot water from your faucets or shower head looks rusty or brown, you’ll need a water heater inspection. Typically, discolored hot water indicates your water heater’s anode rod has disintegrated—and your water heater’s tank is rusting. A water heater technician can often solve discolored water by installing a new anode rod in your tank.

2. Changing Water Temperatures

If your water temperature consistently changes without adjusting the heat, you could have an issue with your water heater. Fluctuating water temperatures often occur when mineral deposits accumulate on your water heater’s heating components—or you have a broken part. A trained technician can find the source of the fluctuations and make the repair so you never have to deal with unexpected temperature changes. 

3. No Hot Water or Only Lukewarm Water

Perhaps the surest sign you have an issue with your water heater is if you’re not receiving hot water or the water can only reach a lukewarm temperature. Sometimes these issues can come from a water heater that’s been changed to a lower temperature setting. A lack of hot water can also happen when someone has used up all of it before you.

 If your water heater hasn’t been turned to the wrong setting or isn’t experiencing heavy usage, you could have a broken or malfunctioning component. A technician can usually perform a water heater repair to replace a broken part to solve this issue. Additionally, if you’re constantly running out of hot water due to a too-small tank, you might want to receive a water heater replacement service, as a technician can install a water heater with a larger tank that better meets your hot water usage needs.

4. Reduced Hot Water Pressure

When a technician doesn’t regularly flush your tank, mineral deposits will build up on your water heater components and even block pipes. This blockage and mineral accumulation can reduce your hot water’s pressure and damage your water heater. One of the most common solutions for this issue is to have a technician flush out your water heater and remove any sediment in it.

5. Strange Noises 

While a water heater will occasionally make some noise, more frequent and louder noises can signify that something is going wrong inside of it. If you can hear loud popping, cracking, or banging noises, you’ll need a water heater inspection. Sometimes, these noises can come from sediment deposits accumulating around your heating components, which then make your water heater overheat while attempting to raise your water’s temperature.

Loud noises, especially a sizzling one, can also mean you have a condensation problem or a water flow issue. Additionally, a strange noise could be a sign you have a broken dip tube that’s allowing hot and cold water to mix. Regardless of the cause, you’ll want an inspection as soon as you hear strange noises. Ignoring them could result in greater water heater damage. 

6. Water Heater Leakage

If you notice water leaking out of your water heater’s tank or pooling around the bottom of it, you have a serious issue with your water heater. Since leaking water can also harm your home, it’s crucial to have the water heater inspected immediately after you notice the leak. The leak could be caused by corrosion or another issue, so a water heater expert will need to find the source of the problem and fix it. While leaking water heaters can sometimes be repaired, you’ll likely need water heater replacement services.

Choose Boyd for Water Heater Service Near You in Rancho Cordova

If you’re looking for water heater repair services near you in Rancho Cordova or the surrounding areas, you can trust Boyd. Our certified water heater service technicians can provide you with a water heater inspection and repair to fix whatever issue you’re experiencing. When a repair doesn’t cut it, you can turn to our water heater replacement services, where we’ll remove your old water heater and install a new energy-efficient model. You can also review our coupons and financing services to ensure you receive a deal fitting your budget.

Learn more about our water heater repair and replacement services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please call us at (916) 710-8070 or contact us online.

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