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Mornings can be a drag. Waking up and slowly moving towards your showers only to have it greet you with a rush of cold water as your plumbing system warms up. To make matters worse, you’re really just watching all that water go down the drain… what might be only a few pennies today, adds up over time. Some Sacramento homeowners don’t even have the luxury of having to wait only a moment or two for the warm water to come: old water heaters can increase the time it takes for your day starting warm shower to be ready. This doesn’t only affect you in the morning either, does it? Every time your pipes get a break the water inside cools down, making the time you have to wait for warm water and the water wasted creep along.

There has to be a better way!

As with any other plumbing issue your home might face, your local Sacramento plumbers at Boyd Plumbing have the answers you need. For all of your home’s hot water woes, you need a hot water recirculating pump.

Hot water recirculating pumps work hard to deliver instant hot water to you when you need it. Gone are the days of hitting the shower and waiting around for hot water to warm your day. When you draw hot water, the water that is still in your pipes comes first. This water isn’t heated and comes through cold. With this pump, the cold water is routed back into your water heater, while the hot water is sent straight to you.

The best thing about hot water recirculating pumps is there low operation costs and virtually no maintenance requirements. Don’t let that cold water water you hate so much just flow down the drain, call the plumbing experts at Boyd Plumbing to get your hot water circulating pump installed today! It’s a great time to have a check up on your water heater too, so don’t forget to ask the office about a water heater inspection.

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