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5 Warning Signs of Plumbing Backflow in Your Home

If you’re having a backflow problem, it could be due to a backed up drain that causes dirty water to flow into your home or business from a drain. You could also have an issue where your water or irrigation system is allowing stagnant water to enter your home. Either plumbing backflow issue can impact your water’s safety, as backflow can enter your home’s potable water distribution system. Instead of potentially drinking dirty water, you can prevent these problems by knowing the main warning signs you might have a backflow issue.

5 Signs You Need a Backflow Prevention Services

When you have a backflow issue, your water might not be safe to drink, and you’ll need to take action fast to solve the problem with backflow prevention services. To ensure you’re prepared to spot a backflow, learn more about the top five signs of a plumbing backflow below:

1. Discolored Water

If you’ve noticed your water doesn’t look as clear as it once was, you could have a backflow issue. Since backflow causes contaminants to get in your drinking water, it will also change your water to a brown, yellow, or pink color, and you might notice visible particles floating in it. While discolored water can be due to another plumbing issue, such as a rusted anode rod, you’ll want to immediately stop using the water. Next, call a plumber for an inspection to see if backflow is causing the discolored water.

2. Frequent Water Leaks

Backflow can cause your plumbing system to leak frequently. Like water discoloration, frequent leaks can be signs of other issues in your system, and as soon you notice them, you’ll want to have a plumber inspect your system for signs of damage. Taking action fast on leaks can prevent water damage, conserve water, and stop the cause of the leaks from spiraling out of control.

3. Nasty Smelling and Strange Tasting Water

Another easy-to-spot sign of backflow is water that smells bad. Usually, the water will smell like sulfur or rotten eggs, but any foul smells could indicate backflow. For safety reasons, don’t drink the water until a plumber can confirm it’s safe. You’ll also know you might have a backflow issue if your water tastes strange. After tasting something strange in your water, don’t drink any more until a plumber checks for a backflow problem and fixes it.

4. Reduced Water Pressure

If you’ve noticed a drop in water pressure around your home, backflow could be the problem. When you have a backflow issue, it creates a vacuum-like effect in your pipes, stopping proper water flow and slowing down its speed. Over time, this vacuum-like effect raises the risk of your pipes breaking due to increased water pressure in your pipes. A backflow prevention specialist can fix your water flow and restore your water pressure to the correct levels.

5. Slow Drainage

When you notice slow-draining water or standing water in your sinks, backflow could be the cause. Since backflow disrupts drainage and prevents water from flowing out of your home properly, it’s something you’ll want a backflow prevention specialist to handle quickly. Slow drainage can also be a sign you have a clog in your pipes that can do serious damage if not removed, but either cause can do major damage if not caught quickly.

Choose Boyd Plumbing for Backflow Prevention and Repairs in Sacramento

If you’re looking for backflow service near you in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, turn to Boyd Plumbing. Our plumbers are trained to help diagnose the cause of backflow and fix it. We can also inspect your home and provide backflow prevention services, such as maintaining air gaps, reducing pressure principle assembly, and using an anti-siphon vacuum breaker. Additionally, you can review our coupons and financing services to ensure any of our services fit your budget.

Learn more about our backflow prevention services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please call us at 916.710.8070 or use our online form.

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