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If you want safe, high-quality, and contaminant-free drinking water at your home, you need protection from backflow. At Boyd Plumbing and Drain, we offer backflow prevention services to protect homeowners and businesses in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. Find out more about what backflow is and how our team of certified backflow prevention specialists can serve you.


When water flows in the opposite direction than it’s supposed to, it’s called backflow. How can the direction of water just change? If hydraulic conditions within any water system deviate from normal, you will notice a reversal in the direction of the water.

While you might not expect a reverse flow of water to be a major problem, it’s an issue you should address immediately. Since backflow can cause contaminated water to enter your home’s potable water distribution system, it can put you at risk of drinking dirty water.



If backflow occurs at your home, back pressure and back-siphonage are likely at fault. Learn more about these two main causes of backflow below:
  • Backpressure: Backpressure occurs when the pressure in your plumbing pipes exceeds the pressure in the potable system providing the make-up water. When that happens, the potable water reverses the direction of its flow through the cross-connection between both systems. These kinds of flow reversals allow potential contaminants to get into your drinking water system.
  • Back siphonage: Back siphonage occurs when the water pressure in your plumbing suddenly drops from incidents like fire fighting or a water main break. If you have a sudden and extreme reduction in water pressure, water flow can reverse, resulting in a suction effect that can draw contaminants into the drinking water pipes.



Since backflow can cause contaminants to get into your drinking water and make you sick, you’ll want to prevent backflow from occurring in the first place. If you haven’t had any backflow prevention services performed at your home or business, our backflow prevention technicians can inspect your home and provide services designed to ensure clean, drinkable water always flows directly to your home.

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When you contact us, our backflow prevention specialists will use a strict checklist to make sure you won’t encounter any backflow problems. The main backflow prevention services they regularly perform include:

  • Anti-siphon vacuum breaker
  • Double-check valve assembly
  • Pressure vacuum breaker assembly
  • Maintain air gaps
  • Reduced pressure principle assembly

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If you live in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, you can turn to Boyd Plumbing and Drain for preventative backflow services. Since our backflow prevention specialists have been professionally trained and certified in backflow prevention, you can trust them to provide the highest-quality work possible. After they finish their work, you can rest easy, knowing your plumbing system and drinking water is protected from backflow.

If you have any questions or want to receive backflow prevention services, call Boyd Plumbing and Drain at (916) 318-3204 today!
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