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Plumber emergencies can turn into your worst nightmares at times, and dealing with them in the middle of the night can serve as an even bigger problem. One should always be aware of all the possibilities and how to tackle them at a personal level. Though ELK Grove plumbing is your forever best friend in times of crisis, one should know the options and how to tackle them before it's too late.


Plumbing disasters

1. An overflowing clogged toilet

Plunging is one of the first and best solutions to get out of a situation like this, but sometimes it just doesn't work. So, if you face this issue, the first thing to do is close the water supply to the toilet tank and call ELK Grove plumbing services. We are sure they will pick your call as soon as they hear you ring. There are multiple plumbing services available in ELK Grove, and the selection of one can be pretty easy with a few things to keep in mind.


2. Pipes burst

What is one worst thing you would never like to go through? A pipe burst! Well, this is one of the most dangerous and the worst thing to happen at your place. One burst pipe and your entire home can drown in water. The pressure in the pipes releases one to three gallons of water per minute. So, to avoid this situation, make sure to check your lines regularly. They should be corrosion-free and if you notice any changes, call a plumber today!


3. Frozen pipes

Who doesn't love to be in the snow, but everything has its pros and cons, right? One of the significant issues that occur while living in the snow is the freezing of pipes. The flow of water can get restricted and create circumstances like a pipe leak or burst pipe. Ice has the property to expand and can lead to suffocation in your pipes that can burst with pressure! So, whenever you face a situation like this, it's best to immediately cut down the water supply and call your plumber.


4. Fault in the water heater system

Technical issues keep on coming back even if you get a new system installed. Imagine getting up fresh in the morning, having a good mood to bath, and suddenly you realize you have no hot water! The reason can be some technical issue but, always make sure you keep the settings right before you ring the bell to a plumber's place.


5. Drainage block

Leftover food in the kitchen, hair cutters, and soap foam in the bathroom can often cause drainage issues. The water might not sink in at times, and in situations like this, the first to be done is to remove all the problem-causing elements away from the drainage. If things don't get sorted by then, try to put drainage liquid which might help you unclog the drainage system. If things still don't get better, call the expert!

These are some common problems that can occur anytime during the day. The reason for most of the issues to arise is carelessness, so if you are facing these problems time and again, try to manage them before they occur. If things don't settle down till morning, it's time for you to call down at ELK Grove plumbing.

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