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Should I Get My Toilet Repaired or Replaced?

Should I Get My Toilet Repaired or Replaced?

It’s never fun when something goes wrong with your toilet, but you can save time (and potentially even money!) when you know how to properly handle the issue. For example, you wouldn’t want to replace your toilet if you’re only dealing with a minor clog, but you might if the base has developed a large crack. Our Sacramento-area plumbers offer a look at the most common toilet issues you usually need to repair and some key signs you need a toilet replacement.

Common Toilet Issues That Usually Only Need Repairs

Before you decide to replace your toilet, it’s a good idea to know what issues can typically be repaired without needing a toilet replacement. Typically, toilet repair services can handle the following issues:

  • An isolated clog you can’t remove with your plunger
  • The water level is lower or higher than you’d like
  • The toilet won’t flush due to a disconnected or damaged flapper
  • Cracks on the top of your tank or the toilet seat
  • The toilet won’t stop running due to damaged fill valves or flappers

4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Toilet Instead of Repairing It

While you won’t want to immediately replace your toilet after something goes wrong, there are a few common signs that you probably need a professional inspection and new toilet installation. By knowing these signs, you can avoid pouring lots of money into repairing a toilet that will break down again sometime soon. Find out more about the four main signs you need toilet replacement services below:

  • Cracks at your toilet’s base or bottom of the tank: If your toilet has any cracks at its base or on the bottom of the tank, it’s probably time to replace it, especially if those cracks are large. A crack that’s left unchecked in these locations will allow water to leak onto your bathroom floor, creating a mess and potentially causing major water damage. Since one crack makes it more likely that additional cracks will develop in the future, it’s usually best to replace your toilet.
  • The toilet won’t flush: A toilet that won’t flush isn’t much use to anyone. Before replacing it, check that the flapper is connected to the handle, and if it is, try to plunge the toilet like you would for a clog. If neither solution works, it usually means your toilet has a serious issue that may require a full replacement.
  • You're constantly dealing with clogs: Your toilet shouldn’t frequently clog, and recurring clogs are a major sign your toilet needs to be replaced. Constant clogging is often due to the age of a toilet, as older low-flush toilets can struggle to dispose of waste properly. A new high-efficiency toilet will usually solve the issue and reduce your water usage too.
  • The repair costs more than half the expense of a new toilet: Sometimes, a repair just doesn’t make financial sense. Typically, you’ll want to replace your toilet instead of repairing it if the repairs will end up costing you more than half the cost of a new toilet. Since a pricey repair usually means your toilet has been seriously damaged and is at a higher risk of needing more repairs soon, opting for a new toilet installation is often a far more cost-effective choice.

Choose Boyd Plumbing for Toilet Repair and Replacement Services in Sacramento

If you live in Sacramento and your toilet needs repair or replacement, turn to Boyd Plumbing, a Bonney company. Our plumbers can provide toilet repair services, such as fixing any leaks or clogs you’re experiencing. Alongside performing repairs, our team offers toilet replacement services to ensure all your needs are covered. Once you agree to a replacement, our plumbers will install a new high-efficiency toilet from a trusted brand to help you conserve water and save money on your utility bills. 

Learn more about our toilet repair and replacement services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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