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Sprinkler System Valve Replacement in Sacramento, CA

Water Around Sprinkler Head a Good Indication You Have a Leak


A customer called our office because she needed a new sprinkler system valve installed in her irrigation system. We were able to perform a quick replacement and her system was once again working properly.

If this component isn't working, then your entire system will not be able to work. Valves are somewhat similar to a water faucet; if the valves are leaking, then you will be wasting water and have a higher bill as a result.

The difference is that you can normally see a faucet leak, while you can’t really tell if you have a sprinkler valve leak. Because leaks can be so damaging to your property, it is a good idea to try and determine the cause if at all possible.

If you think you might have a sprinkler system valve leak, check to see if there is any water around your sprinkler head. If you notice that, or you see a wet spot on your sidewalk that never seems to dry, then you may need to call a Boyd Plumbing professional.

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