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Sewer Line Clean Out in Sacramento, CA

Ask a Sacramento Plumber:  How Do I Access a Sewer Line in Case of Blockage?

Many older homes don’t have sewer clean outs. A clean out is a part of a sewer line that juts out of the ground and has a removable cap. It attaches to the main portion of a sewer line and provides access should any sort of blockage be present. If you don’t have a clean out, the only way to access the sewer line would be to remove your toilet and go through your bathroom.

If you have cast iron lines but no cleanout, we can install one for you. In most cases, this involves digging into your sewer line and clearing out all of the dirt. Then, a two-foot section of the old line is removed and a PVC cleanout is attached. The PVC section comes with fittings so that it will be adaptable to the cast iron line. Afterward, the excavated area will be filled and smoothed over.

In many cities, plumbing codes require new homes to have two cleanouts, one close to the house and the other close to the curb.

If you want a sewer line clean out installed for your home, call Boyd Plumbing today.

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