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5 Plumbing Services You Need to Prepare for Winter

When winter strikes, your home’s plumbing system has to deal with colder water that can harm your pipes, raise the risk of clogs, and reduce your water heater’s efficiency. While colder water might not sound all that dangerous for a plumbing system, it can worsen existing issues and even cause burst pipes. As you prepare your home for colder temperatures, consider hiring a plumber to perform the top five most important plumbing services that almost any home needs before winter.

1. Pipe Insulation

When it’s cold outside, the water inside your pipes can freeze and start to expand if your pipes aren’t properly insulated. As water freezes in your pipes, it can put too much pressure on your pipes and cause them to burst. Once your pipe bursts, water will flow freely into your home. Since free-flowing water from your pipes can cause structural damage and make for an expensive clean-up, it’s essential you invest in pipe insulation if you don’t already have it.

To receive pipe insulation, you can have a plumber inspect your system and find pipes needing insulation. After they locate the pipes without insulation, they’ll add the necessary insulation to keep your pipes from freezing. If you don’t already have any insulation, you’ll want the plumber to focus on pipes most prone to freezing, such as those in your attic or underground.

2. Water Heater Flush

During the winter, the water flowing into your home will be colder. As a result, your water heater will have to work harder to heat the water you need. If your water heater hasn’t been flushed recently, you’ll likely have sediment buildup on the bottom of your tank, with this buildup blocking the heating element. Without a water heater flush, this sediment buildup can slow heat transfer, reduce your tank’s energy efficiency, and even contaminate your water.

Typically, water heaters need to be flushed at least once a year, meaning you’ll want to hire a certified plumber to flush the tank if it’s been close to or over a year since your last water heater flush. After you hire a plumber, they’ll perform the water heater flush and remove any sediment in the tank. This service will ensure your water heater can perform at its best during the winter and prevent any damage due to too much sediment buildup.

3.  Pipe Leak Repair

Another way you can protect your plumbing system this winter is to make sure any leaks are repaired. Since leaking pipes can indicate your pipes are already in poor condition, they may not be able to handle water that constantly freezes and thaws inside them. 

Even if the pipes don’t burst, the winter can put greater stress on them, causing more leaks and worsening existing ones. If you want to avoid water damage and an expensive repair or full pipe replacement, contact a plumber to perform leak detection on your system and repair any leaks they find before the winter’s coldest months begin.

4. Drain Inspection and Cleaning

Your drains are more likely to clog during the winter due to the colder temperatures and the higher chances of frozen water. While waste like food, shampoo, and hair will usually flow through your drains, cold weather can cause waste and grease to freeze in your pipes. This frozen waste can cause a clog that backs up your pipes, creating unpleasant odors, damage to your system, and inefficient waste removal. 

If you want to protect your pipes and prevent clogs, you’ll want to hire a plumber to inspect your drains and remove any potential blockages. By removing any waste or grease buildup in your pipes, you’ll protect your pipes during the winter and lower the chances you experience any clogs.

5. Full Plumbing System Inspection and Maintenance

A full plumbing inspection from a trained plumber can be an excellent investment to make before the winter. With a full inspection from a plumber, your home is less likely to run into unexpected issues when you need your plumbing system working at its best. A certified plumber should be able to find any potential issues and perform preventative maintenance. During their inspection, they can also give you tips on home maintenance you can perform to winterize your plumbing system.

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